Thursday, 20 December 2012

Slowing Down

It's that time of year when everything slows down. Out of necessity. We need more time to sleep, to hibernate, to rejuvenate. It's cold out, and cozy in. I'm reflecting on what I want to get out of this winter.

Slow down.
Be in the present. Use my hands to make things. Show my son how to. Taste my food when I eat. Hike in the fresh air and ferns, and notice the trees and beauty around us. Feel my body working when I hike. Look at each other when we talk, rather than speaking over our shoulder as we walk away. Enjoy silence. We don't need to fill every space with conversation. We can fill it with quiet love. Play music together and sing along, making up the words as we go. Let our son lead. Run, tumble, chase, hide. Let the squeals and belly laughs fill us up and feed our souls. This is life. Slow down. Participate. Enjoy. We don't want to miss this. 

[a page from my art journal]

From my cozy home on a snowy winter's eve,

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Hope has always been my word. Right now it's keeping me strong as I navigate uncomfortable and exciting change while I expand my creative business. In the past it kept me going as I tackled my studies and daunting career launch, then when I explored new careers, when I stepped onto a life path with my husband, when I became a mother, and especially when I sat with the question "who am I?" Hope has always kept me going. Here are a few little reminders that hope is always at hand.

my favourite christmas ornament, front and centre on the tree!

flowers from my husband and son. xx


with hope and joy,

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Fear and Courage

Most of my life has been driven by fear. Of failing, not being enough, making mistakes and being judged, of being irrelevant. 

Tonight I sat in Sweet Revenge, a decadent dessert patisserie with my girlfriend sharing stories of our lives and dreams and ambitions. I was rambling on about all the things I want to do to leverage my art; open an etsy shop, sell prints & cards & artful products, spend more of my days creating. I rattled off excuses for why I'm not ready yet and everything that needs to happen first (I had a list for sure). She simply said "you're waiting for perfection. You need to just go for it. Do it and deal with what happens after." I rattled off more excuses but she was having none of it. Set me to task and promised to harass me every day until I take the next step and launch a shop, or something equivalent. She gave me until the end of the month. I better get busy :)

But really, the topic of fear hasn't been far from my mind in, well forever. It's a demon of mine and we keep doing the same dance. It's time for me to be brave despite my fears. I have accomplished much in this life, and there is so much more to do. My heart soars when I am creating beautiful artwork, designs and illustrations. I know what I love to do. And I am proud of my boutique company which I have poured my heart into for nearly ten years. I'm on a path, and I'm doing it, fear aside. 

Sweet Revenge Patisserie - I didn't take any photos when we were there, so I grabbed these from google. I believe credit is due to Jube's Comic Blog and Vandiary.

With courage and delight, I wish you a great night. 

Monday, 3 December 2012

Snowy Morning

A new piece I just finished... born from my wishes for a quiet snowfall with me drinking tea at the window.