Monday, 30 June 2014

Papergirl Vancouver Event July 8-11

Making fine art prints of my work for Papergirl Vancouver.

Hi friends. Come check out all the great art at the Papergirl Vancouver event! Papergirl is a redefinition of street art combining Art, Philanthropy, and Bicycles.

The opening soirée is on Tuesday July 8 from 6-9pm at The Roundhouse in Vancouver, Canada. The art will remain on display until Friday July 11. Then it will be delivered on bikes around the city on Saturday July 19 from 11-3. For some beauty, community and a fun evening of music come out to the opening party. Everyone welcome - families, your peeps, anyone you want to bring along. It's kid and adult friendly and there will be live music. And for a chance to receive a gift of artwork from me or many of these other artists, head on out to the biking routes on July 19 and try your luck!

I participated in this project last year and just loved the premise of giving art to build community. The other thing is that honestly this is a very real experience with real people. The formality of a gallery experience is replaced with an inviting scene at the Roundhouse where you can walk amidst and under and around the art and touch it and truly feel at home. I really loved the vibe last year and am looking forward to it again. You can read about and see a few photos from my experience last year here.

Come on out and support the movement!
xo Ginger

p.s. if you want to submit art for the event the deadline is July 3

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Nature Inspires

Inspired by these florals in my neighbourhood.

Allium? The beauty is in the delicate details.

Love this floral gift wrap from Front and Company, on Main Street, Vancouver. Given to me by a dear friend who knows my weakness for beautiful paper goods.

Painting Cherry Blossoms by Monique Lum - another New West artist I met recently and found very inspiring.

Out for a trail run and feeling invigorated.

Oh the wildflowers. Imperfectly beautiful.


Thursday, 26 June 2014

Studio Tour

New studio - the design nook

I'm settling into my new space at 100 Braid St Studios. It's beautiful, inspires me, and so far I'm really loving this change. Many good things to come! Here is a tour.

My art table - for the making of all things small.

 Space to spread out - new surface pattern designs in the works.

My mini inspo-wall. 

A nook for aprons and coats. The fearless tin is inspiration from Anahata Katkin, an artist I admire greatly.

My cozy corner. For sprawling out and working on the floor, taking yoga and reflection breaks.

 View of my art wall. Originals for sale & some works in progress.

 Window view from the main galleria.

The main galleria. 

At dusk. Looking very tidy indeed.

 A peek at the early stages of moving in.

Lots of gratitude for all the help I had getting setup. It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks.

Come by for a cup of tea and a tour!


Sunday, 8 June 2014

My New Studio Space

The main exhibition, event and workshop galleria space @ 100 Braid St Studios. 

I’ve got big news friends – I’m thrilled to announce that I have a new studio space. 100 Braid St Studios & Gallery is a converted industrial building in New West that has been transformed into an inclusive working art studio, a dream brought to life by local artist Susan Greig. There are 14 artist studios, a gallery and exhibition space, a “splatter room” and workshop and class facilities. The building is urban chic, bright and spacious, community focused, and very welcoming. My studio sits along the south facing wall with lots of natural light and a cozy inviting vibe. And it’s a short few blocks walk from my home (walking culture, check). I am so excited about the connections with other creative souls and the business expansion this new experience will bring (creative community, check). On the home-front my family will reclaim some physical space and have a more present mama (healthy separation between my worlds, check). Collaborating with the studios will create more opportunities for exhibiting, events and visibility (exposure, check).

This collage of beautiful vintage windows was artfully conceived of and created by Susan Greig and her team - isn't it stunning? It creates an amazing play on the space, making the studios accessible yet separate from the public space. Love this design feature of the space.

A lot of thought is going into setting up my studio to create a sacred space that will inspire and nourish, and be practical for the three areas of my business – visual art, surface patterns and graphic design. My vision is for all three to carry equal weight, each with its’ own zone in the layout. Plus of course a cozy corner where all the great creative blitzes brew and percolate, and I take naps and daydream. And so important to me, spaciousness and lightness. Check out my Braid St Studio pinterest board I'm using for ideating and planning. And there's also the art workspaces/ studio board I've been pinning to for awhile now, dreaming of a studio like this (pretty close to a lot of the dream images I've pinned actually, especially the windows).

My new studio, setup in progress. Loving the clean minimal white mood. It's taking shape.

 I'm keeping this post-it note tacked to the side of my art cart, reminding me through my process to always trust my instincts.

I am so delighted to be joining 100 Braid Studios, and am so grateful to Susan Greig for being brave and going after her dream and bringing this amazing space to New West. All of us artists will grow and expand. And very grateful to my support system for having my back and encouraging me on my journey.

Stay tuned, more to come.