Monday, 28 October 2013

Solo Retreat

[ harmony, winter, surfacing — solo retreat 2013 ]

I've been doubting who I am lately. Feeling stuck in fear, and holding back. After a challenging stretch I decided to embark on a 3 day intensive solo retreat (thank you generous husband for making the space for me to do this). I didn't find all the answers, but I (re) learned that everything I need is within me. I journaled, read, and spent most of my time in the studio. I practiced following my art curiosities to see where they would take me, and worked on letting go of the rules and dialogues that keep me working only in the safe zone.

Here is some of the creativity that tumbled and bumped and poured out of me. I'm fragile, but my heart is open.

[ birds & harmony — solo retreat 2013 ] 

[ pair of birds — solo retreat 2013 ] 

[ winter – solo retreat 2013 ] 

[ surfacing - solo retreat 2013 ]

[ treasure boxes, crackle paint experiment — solo retreat 2013 ]

[ typpography paper experiment, using words from my bio ]

[ geli print-making experiment, using only found materials from around the house and my own hand-carved stamps to create textures ]

[ considering sketches from throughout the year, and pairing with backgrounds already in progress or making new backgrounds ]

[ using up my in-progress backgrounds – making room for fresh starts! ]

[ this is the card I drew on the first eve of my solo retreat. the universe answered my call ]

Fixated on the need to have something to show for our labors, we often deny our curiosities. Every time we do this, we are blocked.
—Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way

with love,

p.s. New series Evolving Art starting soon – I'll share pictures of the evolution of paintings from beginning to end. These new pieces will be the first ones shown. I hope you'll come back to see.

Thursday, 24 October 2013


When the seasons change I feel a sense of renewal and upheaval. Routines change, moods shift, new priorities start and end. I get thrown a little and I'm ready for change all at the same time. I tend to take lots of little walks through our neighbourhood when autumn arrives. The landscape is alive with beauty and transformation. Can you believe this is my neighbourhood? (so lucky!)

Autumn brings with it all my favourite things. The air smells different. It's crisper and somehow fresher. There are hints of wood smoke mixed in here and there from all the wood stoves coming alive for the season. The leaves change to glorious oranges, reds and yellows, a favourite colour palette of mine for most of my life. I love being outdoors. The temperature is just right for hikes, brisk walks and sitting on the back deck. I start to get ready to hunker down and hibernate, stay closer to home, do less in a day, go to bed earlier, sleep more, read more. And I simply take in the beauty all around me. 

[ all photos taken by me, ginger deverell ]

I'm in New Westminster, BC (west coast of Canada). This post is part of the flying sisters blog circle - take a peek at what's happening for these wonderful creatives this autumn (or spring for some):

Amy Riddle (Asheville, NC)

Sandy King

Vickie Martin (Atlanta)

Robin Heim (Southern California) 

Naz Laila (Australia)

Hoping you are absorbing the beauty of autumn too. xo

Sunday, 20 October 2013

New Greeting Cards!

My first batch of greeting cards arrived. Hip hip hooray!

Get yours here! And watch for more sets with different designs coming. I hope they'll be ready in time for Christmas shopping.

With gratitude and a happy heart,

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

In My Sketchbook

Some of my favourite sketches from this fall so far, and the start of a new painting. Birds, tumbling type, florals and nature-infused big hair... this is what's inspiring me these days.

Sadness, reflection, elegance, vulnerability, playful festive joy. It's all here. That's the beauty of being human isn't it?

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Spirited! A commission.

I recently finished a commissioned painting for a spirited and passionate gal – a good friend from many years ago. The words read know your truths, love with abandon, give generously, and surrender gracefully to life's beauty.

Prints are available in my etsy shop here

[ 8.5" x 11" full bleed print ] 

 Here's a peek at the evolution: