Friday, 22 July 2016

I've moved!

Hi folks,

I've moved my blog over to my new website. The doors to Red Pear Creative have closed after twelve great years and I'm shifting away from graphic design to focus on my creative passions—painting, illustration, surface design, and homeschooling my son. On my new site you will find my current work, as well as intermittent posts on the blog with insights, reflections and news. I'm on a creative sabbatical for the year so it will be quieter than usual on my end as I work toward new goals. Please do pop over and see my new creative world at, and let me know what you think!

Thank you for joining me on my creative path for these past years. I'm grateful.

xo Ginger

Thursday, 24 December 2015

A Holiday Message from Ginger!

Happy holidays friends and colleagues! The season is upon us! I love this time of year. The lights, the carols, the excitement in the air, the delight in our six year old son:) My favourite things to do during the holidays are to curl up with a good book, get into the studio for some soul-feeding creative time, cook slowly, go for solo walks, and spend quality time with everyone I love. I'm so looking forward to doing these things for the next two weeks and I hope you are doing things equally joyful and inspiring for yourself.

As I wrap up the year I'm looking back and thinking, yes it's been a really good one. I've been focused on changing habits—doing less, being more intentional with my time and energy, making choices that bring me closer to my truth while supporting my family. Nurturing my health is still a challenge but I'm getting there, and I've been finding more moments of joy and feeling happier overall. My days are filled with homeschooling our son, cooking foods for vitality, and making the transition from my art & design company to my small art-only business. It's been pretty slow going but yes I am slowly transitioning away from graphic design and focusing more on my art! This winter I will take the final steps away from Red Pear Creative after twelve meaningful years and start working under my own name. I have been working on my new Ginger Deverell brand including a new website and online store for months and I will be so excited to share it with you in the New Year.

I wish for each of you a restful and inspired holiday season with many moments of joy, connection and love, and vibrant wellness now and always. It's the real stuff, the stuff that truly matters, yeah?

Thank you to everyone who supports my art + dreams – I've got a whole lotta love for you!

xo Ginger

p.s. I added more of my paintings to Society6 so you have a greater selection for iphone and ipad cases, laptop covers, tote bags, throw cushions, t-shirts, duvet sleeves, mugs and more. Order online and it's shipped to your door. Check 'em out: (4 pics)

NOTE: In the new year I will be switching from @redpearcreative to @gingerdeverell on Instagram and Pinterest and Facebook and continuing my blog over on my new website when it launches. If you're already following me on social media we will automatically stay connected.

Monday, 12 October 2015

What this summer taught me - The Joy of Missing Out

This summer was full, full, full. I think when we went into it I had this intention for slowness and lots of days spent at the beach with my boy. It didn't quite go that way but it was so rich and rewarding I'm leaning into that. We did find many happy days in the garden, on the road (unplugged) and venturing into nature. We prioritized recharging important relationships with family afar and in the process had some amazing mountain, lake and ocean adventures, completely unplugged from technology. I breathed in the space – mental and physical – and really felt present. It was hard coming home to long to-do lists each time but it was worth it in so many ways. Now we're settling into fall and trying to find our centre again. We've been spinning a bit, and so we know we'll focus on trimming a bit more next year. 

The gift of time, slowness and being present is something I've learned is really important to me. A core value. I am shaping the year ahead with so much intention and this is at the centre of it. A dear friend shared this book title with me – Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less – and I know with crystal clear clarity this is the next pathway for me. To say no to things, to stop worrying that I'm missing out on things and simply enjoy the JOMO - the Joy Of Missing Out! It's very timely actually as we unwittingly launched ourselves into a massive house purge in the summer, and so here we are in the midst of chaos in our home and all I can dream about is simplicity, having less, doing less, feeling more spaciousness and peace each day in my surroundings and in my lifestyle. We watched the documentary TINY: A Story About Living Small and though I'm not ready to move to a 100 square foot home, I'm stirred. This is the beginning of a new chapter – challenging ourselves to pare down to what's essential, and LET GO of the rest. I'm inspired. More to come.

xo Ginger

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Autumn Updates – Art Show at Anvil Centre, inspiration from nature, eating with the seasons and choosing an intentional life

It's officially autumn, friends. I love it. Time to hunker down and pour ourselves into creative projects, slow mindful cooking and focus on being in the now. Yeah?


Anvil Centre, 777 Columbia St, New Westminster, BC

Opening Reception Thursday October 8, 5pm – 7pm

Please join me on Thursday October 8 from 5pm – 7pm for the Opening Reception of The Dichotomy of Change show at the Anvil Centre here in New Westminster. I am excited to be showing alongside a talented group of artists from 100 Braid St Studios including Fiona Tang, Corinn Howes, Cliff Blank, Susan Greig, Tony Durke, Gillian Wright and more.

The theme of the show is change and I am showing the newest painting in my collection titled "In Transformation." This painting depicts a fairy-like woman with all the strands of her life woven into her wings and the words "In Transformation" inked on her forehead. It speaks to the journey we are all on to unearth, remember and fully embody who we are.

There are little whispers floating around and only when we pause and listen can we hear them. We lean in. We feel the fear. We trust. We allow. We experience metamorphosis. We spread our wings and fly. Each step of our journey takes us to our next truth as we learn and grow. We are woven together with change and we open our hearts and let it in. This is the journey of transformation.

In Transformation: 24" x 36" Mixed Media on Canvas, $510

Prints available in my shop.


We recently spent a week on Denman Island soaking up nature and getting away from it all. We slowed down, wandered in nature, read, slept, and enjoyed the simplicity and quiet of being cozied up in a cottage for a week by the ocean. Some of the greatest moments were the unplanned not so glamorous ones. I felt like our family connected in a way that's hard to do in our busy lives (there was also conflict, high emotions and upsets of course:) but in the bigger picture it felt really important and special to have that time together). I took long moments to sit and enjoy the shell altars created with love, and daily beach walks and shell hunting became a central ritual to our stay. We soaked up the energy of the rainforests and the ever-changing sky and ocean landscape. I found myself really enjoying the now and taking moments here and there to capture beauty, get down a few sketches, and reflect on what's important. It was a gift in our busy lives and I am ever grateful for that time.

This is where we stayed – Driftwood Cottage on Denman Island (on VRBO, vacation rental by owner). Can't recommend it enough. Right next to beach and rainforest, it truly is heaven.



As we shift into autumn I'm moving into some more intentional eating again and making my commitment to myself to enjoy cooking, eat with the seasons, cook nourishing things that make everyone in our family feel good and trim out most of the foods I'm sensitive to—grains, dairy, sugar, chocolate, alcohol, yeast, caffeine. For now coffee stays in:) I'm gathering fall recipes from a few of my fave books including Eat Taste Heal, Against All Grain, Oh She Glows and I Quit Sugar. There's some Ayurvedic influence and a bit of this and that as I've found what works for me. I hope you'll cheer me on, I can use all the encouragement I can get! And if you have a favourite fall or winter recipe I'd love if you'd share.

One more book I'm reading at the moment is The Immune System Recovery Plan. I'm getting a deeper education on functional medicine and starting to form ideas on how to support my body through the health challenges I've been having for the last handful of years. If you're experiencing any kind of auto-immune disease I recommend reading this book.



I share a lot of my creative process and artful life on Instagram. Come on over and join me at @redpearcreative on Instagram. I'm also on Pinterest and Facebook.

I've chosen three posts to share from other wholehearted souls on Instagram that really inspired me:


If all we do is be here now, we're choosing an intentional life. That's the true gift.

In my sketchbook, inspired by my discovery of @stealbacktime on Instagram.


Thank you for sharing this adventure with me. Until next time, xo

Monday, 7 September 2015

Save the date! Anvil Centre Gallery Show – Dichotomy of Change

I'm delighted to be part of a group show coming up at the end of September. I'm working on this painting for the show, titled "In transformation."

Dichotomy of Change
Sept 28 – Nov 27, 2015
Opening Reception: Thursday October 8, 5pm – 7pm
Anvil Centre Gallery, 777 Columbia Street, New Westminster BC

Please jot the date on your calender, and stay tuned for more details!

In Transformation – in progress, 24" x 36" mixed media on canvas. This painting is about the journey of becoming and features a whimsical fairy-winged woman who is about to spread her wings and fly.

Friday, 4 September 2015

What's Inspiring Me + Full Full Life (Summer Recap)

This summer has been FULL of learning, creating, beauty and connectedness. Here is a recap of the things that inspired me and brought the most meaning.

Our Tranquil Garden

We usually do one big garden plant at the end of May. It's a big to-do and I'll be the first to admit that it stresses me out a bit. But this year was different. This time round we planted a few things here and few things there over a couple of months. My son was right in there with me and we really enjoyed the process. My talented wood craftsman brother came and helped us build a beautiful pergola over our back deck and it transformed our outdoor space into a sacred space. I've spent many contented moments sitting on our back deck and simply breathing in the beauty of it all. We also got our hands on a batch of battered old chimney bricks and created a curved pathway leading through our yard. So worth the hard work. I'm learning to love taking care of our home.

Unplugged Holidays + Family

Being unplugged in August has become somewhat of a tradition in our family. We journey into the BC mountains and connect with family in remote places. We did two separate trips this year and it was simply spectacular to be with loved ones, reconnect with nature, be still, breathe the fresh clean air, create simple art outdoors, and simply be. Plus I got to spend time with my nephew and honorary niece who graduated and were joint-Valedictorians. So proud.

Sixth Street Popup Gallery

My painting "Begin" was featured in the kum-myoo-ni-tee show in August at Sixth Street Popup Gallery. This piece is about taking the leap, moving through fear, trusting yourself and beginning. Prints available here.

Printmaking Workshop at ArtStarts
I attended a Printmaking Workshop at Art Starts in Vancouver and had an AWESOME time learning from Colette Lisoway (and I re-met a kindred soul there who I felt like I've known for years). We learned about screen printing, resists, block printing, photo transfers. We all worked on a huge piece of canvas that spanned the length of the room and at the end we ripped it up and each took a piece home. It was truly a great experience, highly recommended. 

SelfDesigning with our son

We're enjoying the journey of working together with our son to design his education. The learning and explorations continued through the summer. Our son and I both participated in the Papergirl Vancouver exhibit, and my son and niece both entered their art in the Opus Annual Kids Art Show. We spent time in nature, rode bikes, found bugs and reptiles, grew watermelons, and read "The Life of Zarf" chapter book together. We've been homeschooling solo for most of the last year and now we're partnering up with SelfDesign and feeling really excited about the possibilities of the year ahead. We're officially a homeschooling family.

And I just discovered Wild + Free on Instagram. I think I may have found a like-minded homeschool tribe!

Discovering artists that inspire me

Stéphanie Ledoux

Bobbie Burgers 

Instagram Inspo 

These posts held my heart. Read the words on the last three, they're so true. Follow me on Instagram. It's my go-to social media place and I love connecting with wholehearted souls on there.

Studio Time + New Art in the works

I'm seeing angels and fairies everywhere (well not actually seeing—statues and images and decorations;). I overheard my son talking to a little girl and she said "fairies are always evil" and I was surprised. Really? Well I like to see them as angels that live in the garden. For me they signify divine guidance, beauty, gentleness and reflection. I used to love fairies when I was a kiddo and now I'm welcoming them back again. Here is a sneak peek at a new painting I'm working on called "In Transformation," featuring a fairy-winged woman.


You can find special gifts in on my online shop, locally at Brick & Mortar Living, or email me to book a studio visit. I'll help you find a perfect gift to make someone important in your life feel special and truly known. These are the things that count:)


Thanks for reading and sharing this journey with me. I hope your summer was bountiful and beautiful.

With love,

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Invitation to ROAM Gallery Art Show [Meet the Artist Night is Sept 11]

Friends, I'm stoked to be part of this upcoming group show at ROAM GALLERY in City Square this month. It's called the September Issue Show and is fashion-focused. Nine of my original paintings will be featured alongside 10+ other artists including jewelry designers, fashion clothing designers and painters. Here is a peek at one of my pieces: "Be True" – a painting about being brave and being our truest most authentic self. Mixed media on cradled wood, $310. Prints available here.

The show runs September 9th – October 6, 2015 with a Meet the Artist Night on Friday September 11, from 6pm – 10pm. Please share this invite with everyone in your circle, and bring as many people as you like to the Meet The Artist night. Also take a peek at this awesome Artist Feature page they did for me, and read about some of the other artists in the show here (only some of the artists on their list are in this show so lookup the names from the poster). 

See you there! Wear your sparkly shoes and favourite lipstick:)


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Cultural Crawl 2015 Recap!

What an awesome experience! This was my second year participating in the Annual New West Cultural Crawl, but it was my first year hosting it in my cozy attic home studio. I didn't know what to expect. I thought if nobody showed up I would enjoy a day of making art but instead people trickled into my space all weekend long to the tune of about 120 people. I connected with so many amazing individuals and really enjoyed sharing my process and selling my art. Thanks to everyone who came!

p.s. The winner of my prize draw is Teresa Tomsies, who won the original painting "Whole," as pictured below. This painting is about embracing and celebrating our whole selves, being kind to ourselves and accepting all the parts of what makes us the unique amazing individuals we are – perfectly imperfect beings. This mixed media painting is 8" x 8" on gallery wrapped canvas and was painted by me in 2014. It is an abstract piece with the word "whole" integrated into the painting. Congrats Teresa, I hope you enjoy!

p.p.s The flower bouquets were done for my event by Blossom & Vine Floral Co. And a huge thank you to Trudy and her crew at Van Dop Gallery for organizing this event, and to 100 Braid St Studios for giving me a shout out. 

Monday, 10 August 2015

Save the Date! – ROAM Gallery Show in September

Save the date – I will be featuring a collection of my whimsical portraits in a group show at ROAM Gallery from September 9 – October 7, 2015, with a Meet the Artist Night on Friday September 11th from 6pm – 10pm. Located at City Square Mall - Upper Level - 555 West, 12th Ave. Vancouver, BC Canada. It's a fashion themed show with a wide variety of interpretations. Jot the dates on your calendar – I'd love to see you there!

Here's a preview of the Ginger Deverell collection being featured:

Grow, 9" x 12" mixed media on cradled wood

Be True, 8" x 8" mixed media on cradled wood 

Truth Journey, 30" x 40" mixed media on canvas

Hope to see you. Gallery info here. xo

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Culture Crawl this weekend!

Hi friends! A reminder this weekend is the New West Culture Crawl, Aug 8 + 9 from 11am – 5pm both days. My home studio will be open both days. Would love to see you. Details here. xo

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Giving & Sharing Art – Save the date for Papergirl Vancouver!

It's that time of year again – Papergirl Vancouver is taking art to the streets, or at least the bike pathways. I've been sharing my art with this awesome community art project for several years now and I love the idea behind it. They call it unexpected giving or pure gifts. Artists of all ages donate their work and it's shown in an exhibit at the Roundhouse in Vancouver, then cyclists roll it up and deliver it to unsuspecting strangers around the city's bike paths, paperboy style. Read about it & join the movement here. Both my son & I have shared art this year. Come to the show and see if you can spot it:)

Exhibit: Monday Aug 24 – Friday Aug 28, 2015
Opening Reception: Monday Aug 24 in the evening (check here for updates on time, probably 6 or 7pm)

Ride-Out: Aug 29, 11am – 3pm

Minecraft Steve, Gravedigger Monster Truck, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Shadow - by my 6 year old boy J :)

Grow, Truth Journey, Bloom, Story, Renewal, Be True, Summer Flowers 2, Journey Mantra, Trust Yourself Mantra – fine art prints of mixed media paintings by moi. Some are in my shop.