Thursday, 30 May 2013

Sugar + Spice Art Retreat

[ art credits: danielle daniel title unknown // mindy lacefield live from oneness // juliette crane like the wind ]

In one short week I will be participating in this lovely art retreat. I'm not sure exactly what to expect, but I just know it will change me, inspire me, grow me. 

The retreat is called Sugar + Spice (how fitting for me being named Ginger and all ;)). I'll be traveling to Port Townsend in Washington to work with these three lovely mixed media artists - Danielle Daniel, Mindy Lacefield and Juliette Crane

I'm alive with excitement! These are the things in life we wait for, work towards, dream about—opportunities to expand. Exhale.


Tuesday, 28 May 2013


[ bloom - cherry blossom from our lovely neighbourhood this spring ]

The winter season has come to a close. A season of intense design projects has wrapped up and here I am, exhausted and in need of major rejuvenation. I was trying to figure out how to start my transition from out-of-balance, overworked, distracted ... to calm, relaxed, creative (in preparation for the upcoming art retreat I'm attending and for all the hard work coming over the next few months as I really dig deep and define my strategy for growing my artist business). I found myself stumbling around online, checking out the blogs of a few favourite mentor artists. These two blog posts by Kelly Rae and Flora Bowley brought me completely to tears. The yearning to do more with my art is so intense that I could feel physical pain (literally) at the thought that I might not ever get to explore to this level and experience these kinds of life altering revelations and creative adventures. I felt the same heartache after I became a mother and my travel adventures dwindled due to practical things like budget and time. Art-making and traveling are how I learn about myself and ultimately how I grow as a person.

So on this rainy morning I sat here with my tea and I started imagining what I would want to do if I could do ANYTHING... and slowly this little idea started to bubble... it has to do with stepping out of my comfort zone and leading art retreats. I had convinced myself that I'm a lone artist and do best when I run solo, but today these little whispers surfaced and I instantly knew they had been there all along and I just wasn't ready to listen. I can see the picture so clearly - I'm leading others in wonderful international retreats in places that my heart is called to – full of nature, beauty, calm, personal introspection, uninhibited art creating, and ultimately growth. I'm on a healing journey and I want to surround myself with others who are too. I am here to create more than just beautiful art, I'm here to help others realize their power and beauty through art. I had never made the full connection of just how much my art is about personal growth and healing. At the heart of it all it's about loving your whole self, letting go of restrictions and expectations and being yourself as you truly are, despite all the judgements and pitfalls that come with being human.

It feels profound. My vision for my life just expanded. More to come as I sit with this.


Monday, 13 May 2013

Mother's Day Breakfast

Just my kind of breakfast! And a lovely morning of quality time I'm very appreciative of.

 A thoughtful gift from my husband of Kelly Rae Roberts art. So beautiful.

Close-up of Kelly Rae's words. This message made my day.

Beautiful artwork from my son. Feeling like the luckiest mom. 

Full of gratitude and love.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

knowing yourself

The one who grasps the thousand contradictions of his life integrates them into a single whole.
—excerpt from poem by Rainer Maria Rilke

Close women friends, my husband and my mom (all in separate conversations) have shared every crucial conversation that inspired the changes in the past couple of years of my life. It feels like this has been a time of coming to know myself. A time full of contradictions.

Most of my life I felt lost. Without realizing it I was suppressing much of what was authentically me. I was fitting myself into the box I felt society celebrated. I was pleasing others.

Having my son was a gift in more than one way. It birthed new consciousness as well. I went through a dark period afterwards that ultimately pushed me to grow and learn about myself. As I have come to know myself better I have started to love myself more.

 [ love: digital illustration by ginger deverell ]

I find now, rather than focusing on what society expects, I'm drawn to seemingly unrelated things: Simple living, Ayurvedic eating and healing, art and creative pursuits, gardening, quiet time in nature, reading, real conversations, quality time with loved ones, alone time, positivity. All of these things add up to me. They are very connected. They are all key ingredients in my growth, and when combined they become a single whole of self-knowing.

For the first time in my life, more often than not I feel contented and connected. It's less about external circumstances and more about the calm of knowing and accepting myself. It's fleeting and takes conscious work, and more than a little vulnerability, but I wouldn't wish to be anywhere else. It feels freeing.

[ know yourself: digital illustration by ginger deverell ]