Sunday, 3 February 2013

Creative Happenings

Creative happenings around here lately: I finished my surrender girl - she has come alive with rosy cheeks and a beaded scarf floating in the breeze. I'm really happy with how this piece turned out, and the process was wonderful – such a journey of personal introspection.

I've been experimenting with mounting my art prints onto wood blocks/panels. I'm giving each one a unique hand-finished touch including book paper sides, stamping/ ribbon/ glitter etc added after the print is mounted. I love this because it gives them that unique feel of an original. Also, I've done a bit more hand-carving of my own stamps. The one pictured here is a simple scallop stamp for edging. Fun. 

I love integrating small jewels, buttons and other 3D embellishments into my art. Here are a few new ones I've collected and am playing around with.

Creative play is such a big part of my soul-time. I love experimenting with new things and letting the process unfold organically. My studio is usually a mad mess after the creative storm, and I feel ALIVE! It's a beautiful thing. I bet you know exactly what I mean.

With creative energy and happiness,

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