Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Our Creative Summer

There has been a good mix of creativity around here lately… food, art, home, music, craft, nature, people. Lots to fill the inspiration pot. And many quality moments. Here are a few little highlights...

1. My Parisian friend and I hit the studio for an art night. She did a piece using her daughter's drawing of the eiffel tower - it's magical. I love how personal the piece is.

2. My 4 year old son's curiosity about my stamp carving brought him to carve his own. He drew a picture of our family and asked me to help him carve it out. Look at the result - isn't that the sweetest?

Plus a photo of us sharing some studio time...

3. Garden beauty. We have enjoyed an abundance of berries & veggies this summer from our garden. Our most recent harvest - cucumbers and garlic! 

And from earlier in the summer... berries, berries and more berries.

4. My husband is passionate about energy independence. He's been learning and experimenting lately, and he built his own mini solar panel. It charged the battery right up. So proud! 

5. My husband and I wandered upon this great outdoor stage in New Westminster a couple of weeks ago. Anita Eccleston and Alexander Flock were a fabulous jazz duo. So inspiring.

6. We relaxed at the lake for a few days with family and it was bliss… and had a little visit with my dad on the rural acreage where I grew up.

7. My son and I went on a road trip to visit my mom. We lavished her with our art and took lots of nature walks together. He said "I can't believe a mom has a mom." =D 

So much to be grateful for. I want to capture these little moments and document them. Life is flying by and it's good to pause, reflect and share. Friends, I hope you too had summers filled with joy and abundance.

With gratitude,

[ all photos taken by myself or my lovely husband ]

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