Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A look at my evolving brand

marketing materials/ postcards, biz cards etc

I've been building on my brand for awhile now & I'm stopping for a moment to look at all the pieces and celebrate the small steps.

facebook business page 


etsy shop

company website

 pinterest boards

instagram (@redpearcreative)

new society6 shop, just launched and slowly adding things

flickr photostream

new biz cards printed at jukebox - so loving the spot gloss

mini moo cards - these puppies are so much fun, everyone I meet enjoys them

artful stickers & packs, with branded "local artist" tags

greeting card gift sets

what it looks like when I'm packaging up an order of my art products, spread out all over the studio :)

This was fun – it's so necessary to give yourself credit for the small steps. Thanks for joining me and reading about my adventures in business and art and life, friends. Appreciate the love!


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