Monday, 30 June 2014

Papergirl Vancouver Event July 8-11

Making fine art prints of my work for Papergirl Vancouver.

Hi friends. Come check out all the great art at the Papergirl Vancouver event! Papergirl is a redefinition of street art combining Art, Philanthropy, and Bicycles.

The opening soirée is on Tuesday July 8 from 6-9pm at The Roundhouse in Vancouver, Canada. The art will remain on display until Friday July 11. Then it will be delivered on bikes around the city on Saturday July 19 from 11-3. For some beauty, community and a fun evening of music come out to the opening party. Everyone welcome - families, your peeps, anyone you want to bring along. It's kid and adult friendly and there will be live music. And for a chance to receive a gift of artwork from me or many of these other artists, head on out to the biking routes on July 19 and try your luck!

I participated in this project last year and just loved the premise of giving art to build community. The other thing is that honestly this is a very real experience with real people. The formality of a gallery experience is replaced with an inviting scene at the Roundhouse where you can walk amidst and under and around the art and touch it and truly feel at home. I really loved the vibe last year and am looking forward to it again. You can read about and see a few photos from my experience last year here.

Come on out and support the movement!
xo Ginger

p.s. if you want to submit art for the event the deadline is July 3

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