Monday, 22 September 2014

What's inspiring me & full full life

These days life is full, full, full. Parenting, transitioning our boy to school, work contracts, getting back into yoga, cooking warmer foods and shifting with the season. Fall is my absolute favourite time of year and I am trying to stay slow amidst the chaos and breathe in little bits of inspiration throughout my days. Here's what's happening around here and what's inspiring me these days.

Floor time with my little boy – fat markers and paper and some slow time together, that's all we need :)

More floor work, this time solo, at my studio. Sketching, pinterest, email... all the pieces of work.

winter veggies, baking, loving being that 1950's mom :)

A batch of geli mono prints I played around with the other day, and a new painting in the works.

Packaging up stock for Barefoot Contessa boutique. Happy happy moment!

Digging into my big stack of magazines - Uppercase, Darling, Somerset Studio etc.

I am so inspired by Anahata Katkin - her as a person, an artist, her PapayaArt brand, her shop Papaya Living (serious heaven). I'm loving seeing her art evolve over time. I'd like to meet her and do some art together.

Check out these colours on Bows & Arrows – peachy pinky salmons, greens, whites. These are the colours that move me right now. My colour palette keeps changing and I love that, there's space to keep growing and evolving.

I stumbled upon Hilary Rushford and Style & Styleability, through a much admired art coach that I follow, Laura C George. They're both great! Check 'em out. These style videos were fun to watch.

My pinterest style board. I love fashion in the fall. The layering. The colours. It's my fave fashion season, and I've added some great pins here.

(i heart) Instagram. I simply love sharing a little piece of my world with others and having them share back each day. I feel so connected and part of something, surrounded by beauty and creativity and intentional humans. It has become my daily dose. Join me on Instagram – @redpearcreative

And saving the sweetest for last :) Me and my little boy. He loves his angry birds high tops and I love my floral high tops from Barefoot Contessa. We make quite a pair. We've been having so much fun together lately.

That's all for now. A little peek into my life and what has been inspiring me lately. What's got your fancy these days? Leave me a wee note with your fave moments.


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