Wednesday, 29 October 2014


In support of my lovely friend Joyelle's recent book & art show "Princess Monsters," my son and I created our very own monsters – the monsters within us.

Meet Peep and Skeet. Peep is a boy and he's short and round. Skeet is a girl and she's tall and elegant. They are very best friends. They love playing hide & find games, reading comics, breakdancing, singing and pretending to be Sonic the Hedgehog. Their favourite song is by The Police, and since they don't know the name of it they just call it The Creepy Song. Peep really dislikes mushy vegetables and the tags in his shirts – he always cuts them out himself. Skeet really dislikes noisy places and being woken up when she's sleeping. Peep likes to eat seaweed snacks, chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream with sprinkles. Skeet likes veggie curries and chai tea.

Peep is really outgoing and noisy, and loves surprising and scaring others. Skeet is pretty shy. She likes to keep to herself and play quietly, but sometimes she can get pretty silly. They are very different, but that's what they love about each other. They will be best friends forever.

Congratulations to Joyelle Brandt on her recent work and successes. Shop her work here.

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