Monday, 9 March 2015

Kundalini, my yoga practice

I'm doing Kundalini yoga these days. I stumbled into it last winter and for the past year and some I've been transformed by my time at my classes. It's gentle. It's spiritual. I'm able to practice being present, and I actually meditate. I leave feeling revived. Every time, without exception. I am finding my Kundalini spirit and elevating my energy through this elegant and simple household style of yoga. It isn't a conquest or path to prove my worthiness or competency. I won't strive to figure it out, research it and perfect it. I simply go and allow the experience that each class brings. And something I love about this type of yoga – the mantra we use is "Sat Nam" which means Truth and Identity. Our teacher is a gift – she truly is a woman I admire. I was in my class the other day and she asked us to think about this question:

who am i?

Strip away the labels, the constructs of identity. Without your roles, who are you?

My answer floated into my awareness – a gentle soul, with an essence of beauty and a desire to grow.




  1. Makes me happy for you.
    I have been feeling a call toward Kundalini Yoga (knowing I have never really practiced yoga...). Do you go to classes locally?

    1. Thanks Nolwenn! Yes it's a really transformative experience. I do take it locally, in New West. I can ask my teacher if she knows of other classes in your area. xo