Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Studio Move + Changing My Focus

Friends, change is everywhere in my life right now! I'm moving my studio and simplifying. My business is transforming. And we're partnering with SelfDesign to support us in homeschooling our son.

It's a lot, but it's good. This is a year of allowing, inviting, and trusting. I truly feel connected to the spirit of ease more than I ever have. I'm saying yes to a lot of things I wouldn't ordinarily, and holding my no's to things that consume too much space or just aren't feeling right. I'm letting myself be "drawn by the strange pull of what I really love" (rumi). The result – walking a path that is winding freely, and being intentional in how I choose to follow it without trying to control where it leads too much. Trusting and leaning in.

Ok, so let me share more about these big changes:)

Studio Move

I'm moving! Well, my studio is. Going from 100 Braid Street Studios back to our attic, my original studio space lovingly known by many as the loft;) This is a huge step in simplifying my life and work, in going back to a quieter place of stillness. Having a studio away from home has been truly wonderful and connected me with a beautiful creative community who will be missed (and it gave me way more space just a few short blocks away!) but I'm ready for the shift back to quiet simplicity. I am in the process of re-creating my sacred space at home - stay tuned for pics! I'm so excited about this change. It's going to be beautiful and I'm so looking forward to creating soulfully in it.  

[Preparing my attic studio for the move. Clearing out lots of the old to make space for the new]

Transforming My Business

I'm excited to announce that Red Pear Creative will be migrating to a new entity under my own name, Ginger Deverell. I am taking a step away from my graphic design work to be with my family, support my son's homeschooling and focus on my art. Red Pear has been my boutique company for 12 years and I've grown with it and received so much creative fulfillment from my work with clients during these years. Now I'm looking forward to the next steps on my journey. You will see my new artist brand emerge over the coming year – it's personal, feminine and whimsical:) I will continue offering and expanding my artful product line and selling original paintings. I will be exhibiting my work more which is a neat shift for me. I will be spending more time tinkering around with surface pattern designs and hopefully producing some neat products for all of you to enjoy:) I will make room to play and experiment in the studio. And I will continue to work at getting my surface designs and artwork licensed while creating art that is true, beauty-full and meaningful, and living a slow and present lifestyle with my family.

[A few of the artful products I currently offer - find them here]

New Focus
This next chapter is about family, a homeschooling adventure, creating spaciousness in life, following our bliss, trusting our own compasses, simplifying and enjoying life's simple pleasures together. It's about having more stillness in our days. It's about moving closer to licensing my work in a way that I'm really inspired by, carefully choosing boutiques to carry my whimsical gifts and products, and being true to the path that I know in my heart. It's feeling like all the pieces of work and family are becoming woven together rather than being two separate paths that occasionally cross. The road ahead is feeling wide open.

[Stillness – continuing the practice of writing my mantra on my body]

And so goes the building of an intentional life. One step at a time, and feeling so right and true. I read this quote in this inspiring post from Andrea Scher on her Superhero Journal and I was SO incredibly moved I thought, Yes. Yes. It has been my compass since. 

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” —Rumi

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. And thank you to everyone who is buying my art and rooting me on – I'm so grateful for you!

With love,

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