Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Port Townsend Art Retreat

Since the new year hit I've had my head down, brewing new designs for all my wonderful clients. Today as I was working away I popped over to my email for a quick second and voila, there in my inbox sat an invitation to the Sugar & Spice Art Retreat in Port Townsend, Washington!  It looks amazing. A quaint Victorian town on the water, and three phenomenal artists teaching over three days – Danielle Daniel, Juliette Crane, and Mindy Lacefield. These lovely mixed media artists have come onto my radar in the last year and are all incredibly talented and soulful in their work. I admire them so, and would be delighted to spend a handful of days learning from them in-person! How neat is that?

So, a new goal is set. I yearn to go to this retreat. I've dreamed about some of the retreats offered in exotic places like Morocco and the South of France, but it just hasn't been a reality for me yet. I have a small son at home, and a fabulous group of clients counting on me, so it's been hard to wrap my head around traveling too far. Port Townsend is ideal for a gal like me who just loves Victorian architecture and a small quaint town setting. And did I mention not too far from home?

The dreaming and planning begins!

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