Friday, 12 April 2013

Books + Quality Time + Wellness

When life gets overwhelming I say focus on the little things that bring joy to your everyday. That's what I'm doing! Here are some treasures in my life right now...

Book: The Fire Starter Sessions, by Danielle Laporte. What were you born to do? How do you find that fire that makes your soul feel alive? This book is AMAZING, possibly my favourite ever. Ever. Bold statement.

Recipe: Rosemary Olive bread recipe from Elana Amsterdam's Almond Flour Cookbook

For all you fellow gluten-free and grain-free peeps out there, try this bread! I've tried all the commercially available options, some small bakery-made options, and they all felt the same to me - low on flavour and with a really dry texture. It wasn't worth eating bread 'til now :)

Treat: The big amazon parcel that arrived last week, and that my 4 year old immediately tore into and sprung it open with delight. He distributed out the books, some for everyone :) The highlights for him were Ferdinand the Bull, Yucky Worms and one of my childhood memory books, The Paper Bag Princess.

Quiet Time: Reading quietly on the sofa in the evening (no TV!) with my son passed out on my lap has turned out to be the highlight of my week, despite all the sickness we've endured lately. Last week I read almost every evening. And the bonus was my husband picked up a book that had just arrived in the big order called Conscious Living (a recommendation from Kelly Rae Roberts blog), plopped down next to us on the sofa and didn't put it down until his eyelids were drooping and calling for bed.

Wellness: Eating real food - not living on things in plastic wrappers. My journey into real food has left me with a sense of wonder at the flavours real natural foods have. There's a fabulous book called Eat Taste Heal that combines ancient Ayurvedic principles with modern western ideas, and has really changed the way I look at food. I read it last year and pulled off the bookshelf again recently.

Nature: Spring flowers. Our yard is full of japanese roses, tulips, daffodils, heather, forsythia... It's a feast for the eyes. And new things are popping up almost daily. It's a great reminder that there is hope, a fresh start, we can indeed start anew.

Friendship: I have some lovely women in my life, who I cherish. They are holding me up in different ways as I move through a challenging blip on the radar. I'll do the same for them. 

Quality Time: Campfires! Two nights in a row on Easter weekend, with my husband and my young son chattering excitedly, mesmerized by the flames and thrilled by the smoke. So calm. Such a replenishing experience to sit contentedly and watch the fire together, with deep conversation about big things.

It's amazing how life can feel like a crazy overwhelming mess and a lovely treat that we're lucky to have all at the same time. I know I'm living my life the way I'm meant to if I can find the calm in this mad storm :)


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