Thursday, 4 April 2013

Healing + Truth

[ art journal page from last summer]

When I had a baby four years ago I knew it would be a journey. The beautiful thing I didn't realize was it would be a healing journey - body and soul healing.

After my son was born I was propelled into physical health challenges. They seemed insurmountable, unsolvable. I wrestled, I fought. And then I started to approach them peacefully and holistically and carried myself through many phases of healing (still going). All this physical recalibrating naturally led to emotional soul seeking. At first with prompts from many great books (oh how I loved it when my latest amazon parcel arrived. Those parcels kept me going). And then over time the prompts came from within. I started to listen, and the more I did the more the answers revealed themselves.

I started to paint again. I expanded.

I connected with nature. I expanded.

I found people who build me up and formed my community. I expanded.

And I found clarity on work, on my passion for art and design, and on the kind of business I want to be running. Tweaks were made, are continually being made. I'm finding my truths.

I'm on this journey, always will be, thankfully. My world is expanding, my energy is back, my heart is swelling and I'm looking forward. There are bumps along the way for sure, but I've got optimism and truth tucked in my pocket, and they always win.


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