Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Art Retreat Harvest

Bliss. Highs. Lows. Contraction. Expansion. This is the incredible journey I've been on for the past week. A creative retreat from daily life in a beautiful Victorian town on the water. Three days with beautiful teachers (Daniel, Mindy and Juliette). Soaking up all I could. And soul sister connections. Beautiful, life changing, kindred-spirit connections. I'm full of gratitude.

A tiny glimpse:

 [ bliss ]

[ whispers painting in-progress, photo by joyelle brandt ]

[ in my groove, photo by joyelle brandt ]

[ getting creative and messy ]

[ Port Townsend, The Clam Cannery, Retreat building on the water ]

[ me and oh-so-lovely Danielle Daniel, writer artist and teacher ]

[ and me with gentle soul, writer artist and teacher Juliette Crane ]

[ playful and kindhearted artist and teacher, Mindy Lacefield ]

[ fun Q+A with the teachers - mindy, danielle and juliette - at the cellar door ]

[ with beautiful soul sisters Joyelle, Andrea and Renée ]

And now for the art harvest. We worked on small journal pages for all of the workshops, exploring a range of techniques, materials and challenges. Each of the teachers is so unique in their personality and style, it was amazing to learn from each of them. My mantra for the week was letting go and allowing myself to be messy/ less contained.

[ back in my studio again, taking a moment to enjoy all my little creations and reflect on the experience ]

Brimming with gratitude and love,


  1. Love your pictures, and your studio space is lovely! Big hugs to you.

  2. It was so nice meeting you Ginger, I love your sparkly but calm energy.

    1. Thank you Nolwenn. I love that - sparkly but calm :) It was so wonderful to meet you. My word for you is REAL - you are an inspiration. Let's get together and make art!

  3. so incredible to meet you! LOVE seeing all of your beautiful artwork here together :) xo juliette

    1. Thanks Juliette. It was a real treat to share a studio with you. You are so gentle and lighthearted. xo

  4. Love, love, love, you and your art. I am a lucky girl to have shared the week with you. XO Renee

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