Friday, 28 June 2013

Salt Spring Island

A week on Saltspring Island. It went so fast. It was soulful, artful, and relaxing. I soaked in the calm energy that nature gives. I come home changed in subtle ways. I bring home with me a slowness, a sense of being present. Living more peacefully and intentionally in my very own house and routines is where my energy is focused. This trip has been a gentle nudge for me. Yet I also come home full of turmoil. A sadness has taken up home in me. I yearn for a more simple lifestyle, more nature and community for my family. I want to have space and time on my side. 


Another take-away from this trip was learning to find the art in existing objects. I was inspired by the nature art created by my endearing host Henri. As we walked through gardens and forests we spotted his quietly elegant art set back from the path. Patience and love was evident in every creation. Later on, as I was flipping through my sketchbook looking for a blank page I saw a doodle my young son had done and I decided to try drawing out the existing art by adding my own layer. A new process… a delight.


I am brimming with love. Love for all the wonderful people we met, the community that felt so much like home, the nature that replenished us, and our hosts Tangachee and Henri who gave us more than a place to stay.

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