Thursday, 1 August 2013

Art Journaling

Starting an art journal has been a life changer for me. I am a journal keeper by nature, but words alone have never had the same weight for me as visual language. When I started putting words and imagery together on paper my soul soothed, my mind came alive, and the joy of expressing myself was heightened. Here are a few pages from my art journal this year - a year of growth, passion, uncertainty, and newfound confidence.


artfully yours,


  1. Your journal is in itself! There's something about a journal - maybe the premise that it remains with you, not shared with others - that makes it worth a bit more. Sentimentally of course...

    Oh, and LOVE your mini moo cards too! Aren't they the best? I love my set too... am almost out and can't wait to dream up re-prints...

    1. Thanks Melissa! Once upon a time you inspired me to start a positivity journal, and in a sense this is my continuation of it :)

      Oh yes, love the mini moo's. Looking forward to seeing what emerges in your next set...