Saturday, 17 August 2013

Papergirl Exhibit

The Papergirl Vancouver exhibit was fab! I loved wandering around, under and through all the diverse art strung through the space on a line, and it was neat to see my pieces mixed in amongst the others. I truly love the generosity in sharing art that this project embodies, and I love how all the art felt equal, without the hierarchy often felt in galleries. Doodles next to polished works, playful splashes of colour next to intricate paintings. It was warm and welcoming and very human. Thanks to the Papergirl team for putting it all together. Your energy was contagious!

 Me with artist and friend Melissa Thorpe.

The ride out to deliver the art is August 24th. Papergirls and boys will be giving the gift of art to complete strangers along Metro Vancouver bike routes. Could be the perfect day for a picnic or a refreshing stroll I'd say.

Oh what fun to participate in something like this. I'm so glad I did, and I truly hope that whoever finds my art prints in their hands loves them.

p.s. the exhibit has been extended to Thursday Aug 22, at the Roundhouse. Drop in if you can. You can also see all of the pieces from the exhibit on the Papergirl Flickr Feed. And check out the international Papergirl flickr feed too - Papergirl is all over the world, and is fantastic.

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