Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Evolving Art – Harmony

Evolving Art is a new series documenting the evolution of my mixed media paintings from beginning to end. I'm so happy to share this with you.

HARMONY – a woman sits quietly, her thoughts alive bursting with emotion, remembering, feeling uncertain. But on the surface she appears calm. Sadness mixes with peacefulness.  She is not alone.

[ Harmony – 2013 ]

[ My inspiration board/ collection for this piece ]

[ Typography papers I created from my bio, to be ripped and cut and used in the painting ]

[ Laying down my first layers of paper and fabric with gel medium, on a cradled wood panel – a range of business papers, typography and patterned papers I made, a sewing pattern, some handmade cotton paper, a scrap from a soap package, and fabric from a discard bin ]

[ Adding paint with a brayer and fingers ] 

[ Standing back, deciding which sketch to use ]

[ My choice: this sketch I did last fall ]

[ Transferring my sketch onto my cradled wood panel. I used art transfer paper for this. It can be easier than freehand drawing on rough surfaces ]

 [ Ready to paint ]

[ Painting with acrylics, first layer ]

[ Filling in her hair with a black pitt pen - these are a recent discovery for me and I love them ]

[ Adding another layer of paint to her face and body. Giving her nice rosy cheeks. And using my pitt pen to enhance her eyes and add dramatic hair — which is a metaphor for her swirling thoughts ]

[ Using grey pitt pens to layer more into her hair, smudging with my fingers to create texture. Using white rollerball pens to add doodles and scratches. And using green and blue shades to fill in her loyal perched friend ]

[ Final enhancement of features with black pitt pen ]

[ My finished piece displayed along with two others painted at the same time. Left to Right: harmony, winter, surfacing ]

18" x 24"
Mixed media on cradled wood panel
© Ginger Deverell 2013

It's wonderful to share with you. Prints and greeting card sets are available in my little shop.

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