Thursday, 9 January 2014


Unleash. My word for 2014.

I’m taking a page from Kelly Rae’s book – I knew the second I read this word that it was mine for the year ahead. I was thinking a lot about being brave, taking action and opening doors at the time.

Last year I had three words that guided my journey. They came about organically as I felt overwhelmed and needed to be peaceful, as I doubted myself and my path and needed to believe, and as I burned out and opened myself up to receive. The year wrapped up with calm, stillness, hibernation and a sense of my own power surfacing. Then the greatest thing happened – creativity poured out of me, I jumped to life, planned, worked, and felt energized and inspired. As the New Year rolls in I’m thinking big, planning big, creating bountifully and going after what I want. I am unleashing all the beauty that lives in my mind, creating with abandon, reaching and stretching for what I want my career and parenting to look like, taking chances and standing face to face with fear and rejection. I am untying the knots of pain and hurt that I’ve carried so long, creating space for the new. I am untangling myself from the patterns that aren’t moving me forward and instead taking action, being brave and being true. My voice is getting stronger as I ask for what I need and want. I can see opportunity and doors opening.

This is the year for me. The year where my growth manifests from a tiny nourished seed into a vital bloom. I am truly seen, as me.

Welcome 2014. I have been waiting for you.


  1. This is great Ginger... Can feel you unfurling here.. 2013 was a good year to dip your toe in the cold water, now time to dive in. I'll be in the wings rooting for you all the way. XX

  2. Hi Ginger! I am finally taking a moment to go around our last circle before our kindness mission one next Thursday! Your words have been shooting straight to my soul like shiny golden arrows: some day I will be in that place, stepping firmly into my own power, "creating bountifully" and feeling peaceful at the same time. Maybe next year... In the meantime you are a true inspiration. xxoo Laly

    1. Thanks Laly. Sometimes it feels like it needs to all happen right now, so I have to consciously reign myself in and embrace things taking much longer than I might want. And sometimes our path twists and winds rather than taking us straight to our goals. That's ok as long as we don't lose sight of who we are and what our dreams are, no? There's always something to be learned along the way! xox