Friday, 4 September 2015

What's Inspiring Me + Full Full Life (Summer Recap)

This summer has been FULL of learning, creating, beauty and connectedness. Here is a recap of the things that inspired me and brought the most meaning.

Our Tranquil Garden

We usually do one big garden plant at the end of May. It's a big to-do and I'll be the first to admit that it stresses me out a bit. But this year was different. This time round we planted a few things here and few things there over a couple of months. My son was right in there with me and we really enjoyed the process. My talented wood craftsman brother came and helped us build a beautiful pergola over our back deck and it transformed our outdoor space into a sacred space. I've spent many contented moments sitting on our back deck and simply breathing in the beauty of it all. We also got our hands on a batch of battered old chimney bricks and created a curved pathway leading through our yard. So worth the hard work. I'm learning to love taking care of our home.

Unplugged Holidays + Family

Being unplugged in August has become somewhat of a tradition in our family. We journey into the BC mountains and connect with family in remote places. We did two separate trips this year and it was simply spectacular to be with loved ones, reconnect with nature, be still, breathe the fresh clean air, create simple art outdoors, and simply be. Plus I got to spend time with my nephew and honorary niece who graduated and were joint-Valedictorians. So proud.

Sixth Street Popup Gallery

My painting "Begin" was featured in the kum-myoo-ni-tee show in August at Sixth Street Popup Gallery. This piece is about taking the leap, moving through fear, trusting yourself and beginning. Prints available here.

Printmaking Workshop at ArtStarts
I attended a Printmaking Workshop at Art Starts in Vancouver and had an AWESOME time learning from Colette Lisoway (and I re-met a kindred soul there who I felt like I've known for years). We learned about screen printing, resists, block printing, photo transfers. We all worked on a huge piece of canvas that spanned the length of the room and at the end we ripped it up and each took a piece home. It was truly a great experience, highly recommended. 

SelfDesigning with our son

We're enjoying the journey of working together with our son to design his education. The learning and explorations continued through the summer. Our son and I both participated in the Papergirl Vancouver exhibit, and my son and niece both entered their art in the Opus Annual Kids Art Show. We spent time in nature, rode bikes, found bugs and reptiles, grew watermelons, and read "The Life of Zarf" chapter book together. We've been homeschooling solo for most of the last year and now we're partnering up with SelfDesign and feeling really excited about the possibilities of the year ahead. We're officially a homeschooling family.

And I just discovered Wild + Free on Instagram. I think I may have found a like-minded homeschool tribe!

Discovering artists that inspire me

Stéphanie Ledoux

Bobbie Burgers 

Instagram Inspo 

These posts held my heart. Read the words on the last three, they're so true. Follow me on Instagram. It's my go-to social media place and I love connecting with wholehearted souls on there.

Studio Time + New Art in the works

I'm seeing angels and fairies everywhere (well not actually seeing—statues and images and decorations;). I overheard my son talking to a little girl and she said "fairies are always evil" and I was surprised. Really? Well I like to see them as angels that live in the garden. For me they signify divine guidance, beauty, gentleness and reflection. I used to love fairies when I was a kiddo and now I'm welcoming them back again. Here is a sneak peek at a new painting I'm working on called "In Transformation," featuring a fairy-winged woman.


You can find special gifts in on my online shop, locally at Brick & Mortar Living, or email me to book a studio visit. I'll help you find a perfect gift to make someone important in your life feel special and truly known. These are the things that count:)


Thanks for reading and sharing this journey with me. I hope your summer was bountiful and beautiful.

With love,

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