Sunday, 27 September 2015

Autumn Updates – Art Show at Anvil Centre, inspiration from nature, eating with the seasons and choosing an intentional life

It's officially autumn, friends. I love it. Time to hunker down and pour ourselves into creative projects, slow mindful cooking and focus on being in the now. Yeah?


Anvil Centre, 777 Columbia St, New Westminster, BC

Opening Reception Thursday October 8, 5pm – 7pm

Please join me on Thursday October 8 from 5pm – 7pm for the Opening Reception of The Dichotomy of Change show at the Anvil Centre here in New Westminster. I am excited to be showing alongside a talented group of artists from 100 Braid St Studios including Fiona Tang, Corinn Howes, Cliff Blank, Susan Greig, Tony Durke, Gillian Wright and more.

The theme of the show is change and I am showing the newest painting in my collection titled "In Transformation." This painting depicts a fairy-like woman with all the strands of her life woven into her wings and the words "In Transformation" inked on her forehead. It speaks to the journey we are all on to unearth, remember and fully embody who we are.

There are little whispers floating around and only when we pause and listen can we hear them. We lean in. We feel the fear. We trust. We allow. We experience metamorphosis. We spread our wings and fly. Each step of our journey takes us to our next truth as we learn and grow. We are woven together with change and we open our hearts and let it in. This is the journey of transformation.

In Transformation: 24" x 36" Mixed Media on Canvas, $510

Prints available in my shop.


We recently spent a week on Denman Island soaking up nature and getting away from it all. We slowed down, wandered in nature, read, slept, and enjoyed the simplicity and quiet of being cozied up in a cottage for a week by the ocean. Some of the greatest moments were the unplanned not so glamorous ones. I felt like our family connected in a way that's hard to do in our busy lives (there was also conflict, high emotions and upsets of course:) but in the bigger picture it felt really important and special to have that time together). I took long moments to sit and enjoy the shell altars created with love, and daily beach walks and shell hunting became a central ritual to our stay. We soaked up the energy of the rainforests and the ever-changing sky and ocean landscape. I found myself really enjoying the now and taking moments here and there to capture beauty, get down a few sketches, and reflect on what's important. It was a gift in our busy lives and I am ever grateful for that time.

This is where we stayed – Driftwood Cottage on Denman Island (on VRBO, vacation rental by owner). Can't recommend it enough. Right next to beach and rainforest, it truly is heaven.



As we shift into autumn I'm moving into some more intentional eating again and making my commitment to myself to enjoy cooking, eat with the seasons, cook nourishing things that make everyone in our family feel good and trim out most of the foods I'm sensitive to—grains, dairy, sugar, chocolate, alcohol, yeast, caffeine. For now coffee stays in:) I'm gathering fall recipes from a few of my fave books including Eat Taste Heal, Against All Grain, Oh She Glows and I Quit Sugar. There's some Ayurvedic influence and a bit of this and that as I've found what works for me. I hope you'll cheer me on, I can use all the encouragement I can get! And if you have a favourite fall or winter recipe I'd love if you'd share.

One more book I'm reading at the moment is The Immune System Recovery Plan. I'm getting a deeper education on functional medicine and starting to form ideas on how to support my body through the health challenges I've been having for the last handful of years. If you're experiencing any kind of auto-immune disease I recommend reading this book.



I share a lot of my creative process and artful life on Instagram. Come on over and join me at @redpearcreative on Instagram. I'm also on Pinterest and Facebook.

I've chosen three posts to share from other wholehearted souls on Instagram that really inspired me:


If all we do is be here now, we're choosing an intentional life. That's the true gift.

In my sketchbook, inspired by my discovery of @stealbacktime on Instagram.


Thank you for sharing this adventure with me. Until next time, xo

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