Thursday, 19 December 2013

2013: A Beautiful Year

 [ One of my latest pieces, perched ]

This year has truly stretched and expanded who I am as a person and an artist. Thank you for walking the journey with me. I am so incredibly grateful for you. I’m ending the year calm, inspired, and leaning into the desire for a quiet spell before I set out to create another beautiful year.

First, let me share some meaningful highlights that have filled me to the brim:
  • The inspired reading retreat with creative ally and close friend Stephanie Sauvé that launched us both deeper into our truths and onto our paths, and that deepened a friendship that celebrates our full selves and pushes us to be our best.

 [ at sugar + spice art retreat. photo credit: Joyelle Brandt ]

[ beautiful, messy art desk - some of my hand carved stamps ]

  • Working with several stellar clients on design projects grounded in self-discovery and visual voice. The work I did with Melanie Rupp of Visionaria and Andrea Papin Counselling was some of my favourite. These women are amazing and I'm so happy with how their brands and websites came to life in spacious clean designs.

  • Doing commissioned artwork. I love this experience.
  • Launching my Etsy shop and selling my art online. Thank you supporters! I have wanted to do this for a long time and it felt great to take the leap.
  • Having a big run of greeting cards printed by moo, featuring all of my latest paintings. And stickers too. It was nerve-wracking but they were so well received – thank you everyone who bought greeting card gift sets. So appreciative of your enthusiasm and support.
  • Seeing my art prints and greeting cards featured in boutiques. This is the beginning of something huge for me – I love turning my art into products. Can’t wait to expand into even more products. 

 [ Display of my art in Peaberry Boutique & Studio, Quebec. Photo credit: Renee Savoie ]

 [ packaging up my greeting card gift sets ]

  • Sketching. I’ve created a practice of sketching whenever I have small moments of time. I find so much joy in it. My sketches pile up so when it comes time to paint, carve or do digital illustrations I have lots of raw material to work with. Plus sketching is a bit like meditation for me.

 [ Harmony. Prints and greeting cards available here ]

  • Doing a 21 day meditation experience with Deepak Chopra.
  • Writing. I wrote a lot this year. Blog posts, free writing, morning pages, night pages, journaling, prompts. This has been a year of self-reflection via writing and I’m learning that I love to write.
  • Healing. Physical, emotional, spiritual.
  • Going within and looking at the limiting beliefs holding me back, and starting to replace them with beautiful truths (this is a journey). Allowing and receiving the support I need to grow through this, including my blooming relationships with a counsellor and a business consultant. 

 [ in heaven in barefoot contessa, simply my favourite shop in Vancouver ]

  • I opened myself up to real connections with creative women that have impacted me beyond words, and I have found an online creative community where I am home. I belong.
  • Most recently I’ve started integrating mixed-media jewelry making into my repertoire (this takes me back to a passion from my childhood and it feels like such a natural thing for me to explore).
  • I’ve been saying YES a lot this past year. Opening the doors to opportunity and welcoming support, abundance, beauty, spaciousness and joy.

 [ disheveled, relaxed and happy, in Port Townsend. Wearing my fave gold glitter shoes! ]

  • And on a final (longer) note, I’m proud of how I’m integrating motherhood and business right now. It is not easy, and I’m often filled with conflict, but I’m navigating it in a healthy way (bumps and dips are inevitable). It’s easy to get stuck on the guilt train and tell the same story even though it’s not serving you anymore (“being a mom doesn’t leave enough space for making art and running my business, there’s never enough time…” etc). We all get caught up in this but I felt like I had the strength this year to put it aside and change my reality to something that works better for me. I am making room for my own needs and desires within our family, and everyone is benefiting. And I’m listening to the whispers that have been getting louder and louder, trying to get my attention and remind me of what kind of parent I want to be, what kind of experience I want to offer my son.  I’ve made some big changes, and will continue to.

 [ new piece, in progress. working big ]

As the year comes to a close and I prepare for the next chapter, I'm thinking about what I’m really after...

A Quiet Mind. A Peaceful Heart. An Ignited Spirit.

This is what it’s really all about. My journey of art-making, growing, parenting, and self-discovery is all connected. Being engaged in a creative process is my most natural way of being in the world, and my way of discovering who I am. From this place I send my art out into the world and hope others will use it as a mirror to see how beautiful, gifted, capable and valuable they are too, and inspire them to reflect and discover who they are.

I hope you’ve a had a beautiful and rewarding year, and that this holiday season brings you joy and closeness with those dearest to you. Happy Holidays dear friends.

Sending peace and love,

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  1. wow Ginger , this is fabulous. Once I've done my comment, I'm actually going to reread it. It was so well so thoughtfully written with lots of insight and inspiration ... Hoping my post at the end of 2013 looks something like your post for this year. You have accomplished a TON, and you already know I'm proud of how you have stepped into your future. Your 'checked off' boxes for 2013 are on my 'to do' list for next year.
    Just a comment about the mom / life / guilt balance. It never goes away. It does become more clear as we try to prioritizing, but it's always a juggling act. You sound like you're getting clear about where you fit into your life. Good for you. And great recommend for books / courses et al. It's why blogging is great. So many great sources to pass forward. All the best for 2014 XX. Fun watching you grow ..

    1. Thanks Sandy, for your honesty about mom/ guilt. I believe you. It is a constant juggle but so worth it. As for you, 2014 is your year! Go for it :) xox

  2. Ginger, I was sooooooo excited for you the day you posted that picture of your art in a boutique! I remember thinking, "I want that to be me someday!" I am so proud of you! We all started this journey in similar places of desire and will and I'm really glad that you are seeing your dreams come true!

    I read some of the same books as you, but you have a longer list of some really intriguing ones that I plan to check out.

    Thank you for sharing and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

    Hugs, Kathie

    1. Hi Katie, oh yes it will be you someday, I'm certain of it! Hey if you come across any good books keep me in the loop. I'm always on the hunt for my next learning adventure. Hope you had a great holiday & happy 2014. xox

    2. Oops, typo, that was meant to read "Kathie"!

  3. What a beautifully written, thoughtful and productive post about the last year. I am so proud of all that you have accomplished, and happy for your success. I can relate so much to handling motherhood and business, and the ins/outs of that. It is truly a juggling act! I loved your list of books, and have a few of them on my nightstand. Are you planning to read the Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte in 2014? I have joined one of her book clubs in my area. Happy Holidays!

    1. Ooh I've been thinking about the desire map for awhile now. It's definitely on the list for when the timing is right. Happy 2014 Monica!

  4. What an amazing journey!!! Keep on going chica!!

  5. Oh, Lawdy! I can only HOPE to accomplish NEXT year a smidge of what you've accomplished THIS year -- as well as have HALF of your energy! Sending Blessings your way for 2014!

    1. Aw thanks Robin. It's funny to hear you say this. Crazy how it all adds up. Sometimes it doesn't feel like I'm accomplishing much! One of the many reasons why I love documenting my journey I guess - you can see how far you've come... Sending love and inspiration your way for the year ahead!

  6. What a journey! I just realized that this one is your blog circle post, lol :) Happy mistake, this way I read 2 ! Like you, I am open to receive (hint: Universe, please let me do a mixed media retreat with Ginger some day...) xo Laly

    1. Yes, universe, please please let me do a mixed media retreat with Laly some day soon!!! xoxo

  7. It certainly looks like you have accomplished a very fulfilling year, both online and offline. It was pretty smart that you've kept your presence integrated into your creative process. This can only mean a good start, especially since 2014 is also something to look forward to. We're only halfway through it, so we've still got a lot of possibilities ahead. Keep up the great work!

    Layla Stabile