Wednesday, 4 December 2013

bask in stillness

I had an eye exam today, and unexpectedly I had blurred vision for several hours afterwards. Ack. I had to abandon all work tasks and wander to a nearby cafe to wait it out. At first it was inconvenient, but after awhile I enjoyed the stillness of being pushed into this internal world. I thought about things that mattered as I sat there sipping my hot drink on this incredibly comfortable sofa - if you're dear to me you can bet I thought of you. And inspired ideas took shape. And so I leave you with this thought today, bask in stillness. How simple.



  1. How simple and yet, how essential... I can't wait to see how your inspired ideas take shape. xo Laly

    1. Thanks Laly. Yes, essential isn't it. And now I'm gathering my ideas and thoughts that are scrawled on napkins and on backs of bills and in notebooks etc all around my house and everywhere in my life and organizing them somewhat in one place so I can sit with them and let them brew. Another experiment in stillness... Thanks for stopping by. xox