Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Permission to rest and play

Today was the first exercise in my hello soul mantras e-course with Kelly Rae Roberts. It brought an outpouring of truths that I could feel lying below the surface but didn’t have clarity on yet. It began with looking at the untrue stories we tell ourselves and re-framing them into positive mantras to guide us forward.

in progress, 9" x 12"
mixed media on cradled wood canvas

I thought my mantras might be about being brave and going for it, but a huge transformation has been taking place over the past couple of years as I work on healing and I'm finding myself taking leaps and daring greatly more than ever before. Instead what's coming up for me is the feeling that there's not enough time, that I need to rush, that I work too slow and that I can’t accomplish everything I want to. As a result I’m missing out on some beautiful pieces of life that are experienced when you slow down to make room for play and rest and connection. What’s really going on? I’m proving myself, my worth—if I accomplish a lot I’m worthy. There’s no time for play until the work is done. It's an old story. Time for a new one.

Here are my new themes:

Permission granted to rest and play.
Permission granted to be playful, sexy and silly, in lieu of productivity.
There is enough time. Pace yourself.
Claim time as my ally.
Indulge in slowness.
I untie my identity from my productivity.
I can flourish while creating space for rest and play.
Walk barefoot in open fields.
I am allowed to be beautiful and sexy.
I reclaim my sexy goddess self.
I can be sexy and lighthearted and still be an excellent businesswoman and parent.
Soar in stillness.
I reclaim my playful carefree self.
Pause and breathe.

Yet again, positivity, healing and abundance are before me. I feel incredibly grateful for the amazing people and opportunities that are cradling me with compassion and space to grow.



  1. This is well said Ginger.. good for you. And to play it out in your art. What can be better than that.. Any painting or artwork I've done with an attached life experience tied up in the seams or mess of the end result has always held so much more of a connection to the finished product.. I like this one already … it's unfurling .

  2. Your art and words are both beautiful. I feel I deeply connected with what you said, I feel like I need to be constantly doing something, or feel guilty. We should have some playtime!

    1. Yes, let's play Alexia! Some of my play is introverted creative time alone, and some is social, and I would love to spend that social time with you lovely gal :) xo