Thursday, 6 March 2014

Late Winter Bloom

It’s the tail end of winter and life has been unfolding slowly. Just a few more weeks before spring begins to bud and sunshine returns to these grey skies. My heart yearns for it and I eagerly await the fresh beginnings of springtime.

Lightness/ Bloom
In progress, 2014
9x 12

It’s no secret I am a seeker of beauty, light and vitality. Little moments of beauty feed my soul, startle me out of my thinking and producing, and connect me to my heart. Light and lightness of being inspire, uplift, soften and heal. And vitality, well it surrounds us. Anything with life and movement and nature grabs my heart.

Remembering these things is helping push me through these darker days and highlighting the positive during a time when I’m feeling depleted. I’m letting the Hello Soul, Hello Mantras course by Kelly Rae Roberts guide me and I’m using every scrap in my creative process. Combined with lots of rest and permission to slow down, these weeks are a period of renewal, introspection and transformation.

Here are a few of my mantras: 

And so, from the dark days comes light. Sending out love as winter lingers and we await its' bloom into spring.


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