Thursday, 13 March 2014

Little moments along the way

Life is made up of all the little moments that seem insignificant, but add up to make, well a life. Here are a few small moments in my days lately:

Refurbishing a vintage window frame for my painting “Ritual” and sending her off to a new home. I’ll get a photo of her in her new space, perched against a beautiful brick wall and flanked by peacock feathers. It’s lovely.

Some inspiration that came when reading my young son a bedtime story— fresh spring botanicals are definitely finding their way into my favourites these days. An illustrated page from “Who Is in the Garden?” kids book by Vera Rosenberry

Hunting for treasures and getting playful at the beach with my son: Photos taken by my four year old – I'm a proud mama.


Loving these metallic journals I found by Paper Blanks. The intricate patterns stir me up.

Made these delish baked kale egg cups, adapted from a recipe from this lovely gal.

I've been working on cleaning out my studio. It feels so good purge things I’m not using and make room for the new. I designated drawers for my marketing collateral and products which are expanding. One step at a time. Feels great.

Here’s to all the tiny moments in my life and yours.



  1. I was thinking wow, so organized when I saw the first pic of your studio then the second showed what most studios look like, haha. This post made me miss you a ton!

    1. Haha, oh yeah I'm right there with all the other creatives, with a totally chaotic messy studio most of the time! Sometimes it's so messy I can barely move :) But of course I wouldn't have it any other way. I miss you too lovely gal - wouldn't it be nice to have a glass of wine and catch up on the last year? Or even better, get together and make some art... xo