Monday, 31 March 2014

Pause, be still

Amidst the deadlines and goals and shuffle of daily routines our selves can slip away, vanishing into lunches in backpacks and jumbled texts on our smart phones.


I'm taking a moment to myself. I need to stop and look around me. I need a warm bubble bath with grapefruit essential oil and a nice cup of chamomile tea. I need to feel my feet on rainforest soil and breathe the fresh air of trees and sky and ocean.

I need to sit in my studio and stare for a bit. Close my eyes and rock to the rhythm of the rain falling on the skylight. I need to pick up my brush and paint from my heart. I need to get outside with my little boy, and cuddle with him in the studio while we create together.

I know what I need. If I pause and listen.

[my four year old, almost five year old son working on a painting with me. He added so much to the process and final outcome. My heart swells. It was hard to let go of control, but so glad I did. He's brilliant.]

 Pause and Listen, 2014
24" x 30"
mixed media on canvas


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