Monday, 10 March 2014

Taking the time to retreat

Last month I spent a rejuvenating few days on a retreat with a close friend and professional ally. We turned over strategies and desires for the coming year—for our businesses and our personal lives. We talked about simplicity and minimalism, spacious days, feeling like sexy goddesses, parenting, finances, growth, marketing, brand… all the pieces of being artists, entrepreneurs and more.

To kick the retreat off we found ourselves at my favourite restaurant and found ourselves mesmerized by a gorgeous belly dance performance. 

We wandered the Granville Island markets and indulged in one of our favourite paper goods boutiques (of course I fantasized about getting my art products in stock there!).  

We did yoga, drank green smoothies, walked, read, wrote. I bought new running shoes and started my fifteen-minute runs ritual back up. 

We zentangle doodled, laughed, cried, cranked up the tunes. It was a memorable weekend. It was about friendship, business and all the pieces in between. And it was an important part of how I want to work and live. 

I’m grateful we took the time to retreat.


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