Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Navigating a painful moment & Inspo Finds

Lofty Living Boutique & Design, New West - love this card wall. I can see my cards fitting right in here.

Well folks, my studio was broken into with quite a loss for many of the artists. It's been a challenge to feel all the raw emotions and manage the financial loss. The worst part? Other artists were responsible for the theft. After a few days of collecting myself I have found my way back to believing with my full heart that we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and carry on. Life comes with ups and downs. I still believe that we can build each other up, support each other, and there is room for everyone. 

Yesterday I took myself on a little inspo-gathering outing to fill my well back up. Here are a few of the beautiful things I saw. Love my inspiration outings.

Chandelier, silverware and art prints wall at Lofty Living in New West

And a few fun things at a fave boutique, Brick and Mortar Living in New West: 

Brick and Mortar Living Greeting cards (who are these by? I need to check, definitely someone local), Jewelry by La Reine Designs, and awesome blank notebooks with vintage book covers by PaperbackNote. These take me right back to when I was thirteen years old and obsessed with Sweet Valley High. Let's see, Elizabeth, Jessica and Todd right? Can't believe that's what I filled my head with, but hey I was a young teen. 

And at the end of the day the fabulous Darling magazine / the art of being a woman (how incredible right?), and this handmade linocut stamped sketchbook by District Dogs Designs made their way home with me. I also picked up fave mags Uppercase and Somerset Studio. Two of my friends are featured in Somerset this month, yay - Laly and Juliette. I'm ready for a reading fest.

These simple inspiration excursions are a fave way to claim time for myself, fill my senses with beauty and bring myself into the creative zone when I get stuck in my head. There is so much creativity pouring out of all these designers, artisans and makers - I love it. I love that I'm part of it, that I'm on this artist journey (with ups and downs).


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