Friday, 4 July 2014

Truth Journey

Truth Journey – New painting in progress, 2014

I'm sharing my first painting in the new studio, working on the floor, as I always love to do. I'm using torn pieces of my surface designs and my geli mono-prints, along with book pages, handmade paper with dried flowers in it, and inks dripping and running down the canvas. See the sketch taped up next to it? She's my truth, the inner me that I'm exploring and learning about, and she will likely end up the centerpiece in this painting.  

And these are new surface designs I'm working on, shown along with a stamp I carved last summer from the same sketch. I will use both in my paintings, and I the surface designs will be turned into giftwrap, wallpaper, fabric, art prints and will likely be featured on other products down the road.

xo Ginger

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