Saturday, 5 July 2014

Spirit Girl + My Work and Process + Four Amazing Women

Spirit Girl, 2014, digital illustration

Welcome. I'm sharing a bit about my work and process, then featuring several amazing women I admire. This is a blog hop of sorts (some will continue on with a post of their own). Keep on reading. 

What am I working on/ writing?

Spirit Girl – A recent illustration. She will grow into more – I'm not sure what just yet.
A painting – Truth Journey.
Building out my surface pattern design collection.
Developing more artful products & accessories, and getting them into more boutiques.
Discovering beautiful truths in myself and in others.
Documenting my journey.

How does my work/ writing differ from others of its genre?

Words are a big part of how I identify in the world. But not entirely in the traditional writer sense. I'm more of a visual artist in love with the strength and beauty of words. I'm a creative soul that layers words into my experience but rarely writes anything to completion. I use words to convey my deepest truths and journey. I use them in blog stories, in paintings, in typography experiments where the letters don't spell anything literal but instead hold space and energy. I once wrote poetry. Lots of it. Now my writing is less structured, abstract fragments that find their way into the artful pieces of my life. Words and visuals go hand in hand for me. It is hard to connect to something without having access to both. This is where mixed media art comes in - it brings both to life.

So what else. My work has an intensity to it, but a gentle intensity. It's not dark. But it's not really light either. There is a femininity to my work that's almost nostalgic. It's driven by beauty but also by the complexity of our experience. It's about real things,  emotions, struggles and growth that isn't easy. It's a mirror of the journey I'm on and what I witness in others around me. Sometimes it's easy to look at and take in, sometimes it's not. Yet it's always beautiful. Beautiful to look at in some way and beautiful to feel the impact it has on you. That's essential to me.

And one more thing. I play a lot with space – white space, negative space, the contrast between clusters of colour/ texture/ movement and the surrounding space. This comes from my designer persona and carries over into all my work.

Story, 2014, mixed media painting (inspired by this dear friend)

Why do I write/ create what I do?

I paint faces and I create intricate beautiful visual patterns. And I blog about it. This is what I am compelled to do. I've studied art, I've played in all the mediums, I've explored other subject matter, I've had other careers, and this is where home is for me. Capturing those small moments on a face, those moments that equal a life lived. Capturing the beauty of organic lines woven together to create pleasing patterns and spaces. That's where the beauty is for me.

I write about my experiences to feel part of something bigger than myself. I share who I am and I'm drawn to others doing the same. This is one of the biggest human motivations - to be connected. And I document my life and my growth and give myself a place to come to when I'm ready for the next step or feeling lost or simply reflecting and looking back on the time passed. My blog and my artwork has become my reference point and introspection tool. Plus it's a great way to capture inspirations to inform future work.  

two of my recent surface pattern designs




How does my writing/ creative process work?

I have creative blitzes. My instincts are there when I write or paint. I'm usually brewing over something that's close to my heart – an experience, an emotion, a big shift or a challenging period in my life. I'm pouring my heart out. And that's the heart of my process. I have creative outpourings followed by periods of silence. I honour that. I trust it.

Each creation begins as it needs to. Sometimes I have a plan, sometimes inspiration leads the way. And all of my work is layered with metaphor and depth of emotion. I am most in flow when I work at night and when I make time for frequent inspiration gathering excursions (like this, and this). And when I take time to be in nature.

Here are some peeks at my painting process and some great in-flow creative blitzes (and another one). Yup, it's like a tornado hitting. ;)

Now, meet these amazing, talented, inspiring women who I truly admire. Each of these women have heart and soul and are elevated in the quality of their work. So much to learn from each of them. 

Laly Mille is a French artist who lives near Tours, in the Loire Valley of France. Her soulful paintings and poetic assemblage pieces invite you to listen to your dreams. Laly is also currently working at a nursing home where she facilitates creativity and art workshops for the elderly. You can find her on Facebook or visit her blog at Her beautiful artwork is featured in the July/August 2014 edition of Somerset Studio, the popular artist’s magazine.

Laly has become a cherished friend and creative ally over the past couple of years (though we've never met face to face – she's in France, I'm in Canada). Her soulful art and her positive caring spirit move me deeply. She invited me to do this blog hop.

Stephanie Ryan – Artist and Designer
Stephanie Ryan is an artist and designer with 20+ years of experience in the product development field. With her vivid watercolors, soul soothing garden scenes & prolific style, she’s routinely lent her talents to leading companies like Lenox, Waterford Wedgwood  and HomeGoods. Stephanie’s art centers around heartfelt encouragement, with vivid, sweet colors, bold, blossoming flowers, and inspirational messaging woven throughout. Her goal? To remind every journeying soul of their infinite potential; of life’s wonder when times are good, and of life’s grace when times are harder.

I've been admiring Stephanie Ryan and her work for a long time! Her wholehearted small sweet steps have lifted me up and helped me find clarity on many occasions, and her floral work leaves me feeling peaceful and inspired. (New addition - see her blog post from this blog hop here. Beautiful and inspiring post).


Stephanie Sauve – Writer and Story Strategist
Through VOICE and STORY, Stephanie strengthens everything from brands to websites, strategic retreats to internal visioning. To find the right words for her clients, she has helicoptered over the remote reaches of New Zealand, interviewed street kids in Africa, and walked the walls of a medieval silver mine in Mexico. In the end, it’s always her at her desk blending strategy, intuition, and imagination.

Stephanie is a very dear friend and creative ally. We work and play together! Two of the art pieces featured in this post were inspired by her.

Thara Vayali – Naturopath & Yogini passionate about the art and science of medicine
Thara Vayali is a Naturopathic Doctor & Yoga Teacher in Vancouver, Canada. Thara is obsessed with intestinal and immune health, hormones, and pain-free movement. She is smitten with the body and its mysterious connection to our minds. She values the power of a healing hand and quiet breath. She is an avid reader and writer, loves Vancouver’s ocean air & making delicious, healthy food. And she is the creator of Change: Natural Medicine; Budget-Conscious, Membership-Based Health Advising. 

Thara is my chosen Naturopath and she is also a client of mine. I love her approach to health and her thought-provoking and inspirational (w)Ritings.

xo Ginger


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your creative journey.

    1. Thanks for popping by and leaving me a note Kelly. Warms my heart that others are interested in my journey :) x

  2. So much good stuff here, Ginger. "Creative blitzes" --> I need some of those. Perhaps one day all of us who are on this creative journey will be able to meet and share face-to-face. Blessings!